Exercise Tools

Build and maintain a strong core with our ab & back machines, peddle exercisers, exercise balls and ball chairs, twist steppers and core training vestibular domes.

Strengthen joints and enhance stability with our resistance cords, stability trainer wrist / ankle weights and dumbells.

For holistic fitness, try our whole body vibration machine which builds bone density, increases blood criculation, enhances metabolism and reduces back pain & stiffness.

Browse and choose from our comprehensive list of exercise devices and aids designed to suit every need and level.

    Build Strength

    Weight Bearing Exercises Ward off osteoporosis, osteopenia and the risk of fracture due to porous bones by exercising to increase bone density. / Exercise tools like resistance bands, weights, barbells and dumbells are essential aids that help build and maintain health bones.

    Yoga & PilatesYoga focuses on breathing and a series of postures to improve strength and flexibility, boosting physical and mental well-being. Pilates exercises, done usually on a mat or with special equipment like the Reformer, Cadillac or Wunda Chair to build core strength.

    Strength-building EquipmentThere is a wide range of machines that operate on weights, pulleys and springs, handles and bars, providing the needed resistance to build muscle and joint strength. Build core strength with exercise/gym balls and exercises like the plank that strengthen the abdominal and back muscles.

    AerobicsRefresh and rejuvenate your heart, brain and every cell in your body with exercises that increase your capacity to draw and distribute oxygen. / We stock a vast collection of cross-training gear and equipment, training aids, books, DVDs and downloads, from mat-based yoga or Pilates postures, step-by-step instructor-led demos to cater to every training need.

    Joint Health

    Strong & Healthy Joints As we age, our joints lose their elasticity through wear and tear and injury-related damage. Protect our joints through focused exercise / Weight bearing exercises like mat-based yoga or Pilates poses, using free weights or pulley-operated machines help build stronger muscles and repair cartilage that protect our joints.

    Low Impact ExercisesExercises that minimise stress on the joints eg water-based exercise, elliptical machines and stationary bikes will help strengthen the muscles and cartilage that support and protect our joints for a lifetime of freedom and pain-free mobility. / Stationary bikes and rowing machines that provide varying levels of resistance and intensity to suit every need.

    Range of Motion Relieve the stiffness in your joints and regain freedom in movement for better quality of life. / Soft foam balls and elastic bands to provide resistance and help rebuild dexterity in the hands and fingers. Heat pads that warm your hands to make those range of motion exercises less painful. Return to your childhood days and get creative with clay modelling. The kneading and moulding with your hands will rebuild your joints while you have fun exploring your inner creativity!

    Safeguards Often, injuries occur and cause even more damage during exercise because safety measures have not been observed. / When out walking, wear shoes that provide adequate support to protect your spine and ankles. Protect your knees and elbows with elbow pads or knee guards to cushion blows. Soothe aching joints with heat or ice packs, treatment ointments or creams to alleviate discomfort and pain.

    Stay Flexible

    Tai Chi Build flexibility with regular practice of slow, controlled movements combined with proper breathing to nourish every cell in the body as well as dispel toxins. /The ancient Chinese philosophy of yin-yang balance, Tai Chi is a form of martial art that fuses breathing, movement and awareness to build flexibility and strength in the body. No special equipment needed except for a basic understanding of the various movements and the underlying principles, all of which can be found in our collection of guides and DVDs.

    Yoga TherapyLearn yoga postures that release muscle tension, stretch and reach to chase away the stiffness and regain flexibility in your movement. /Choose something that meets your needs from a wide selection of self-help guides in the form of e-books, DVDs, downloads accompanied by mood music.

    Swimming Having gone through an intense workout like cycling or weights, enjoy a relaxed swim to flush out those toxins and prevent muscle tightening and soreness the following day. /Swimming has been known to be a less injury-prone way to help relax muscles, increase flexibility and stretch the body. Gear up with appropriate swim attire and waterproof fitness trackers. Look after your eyes and skin with swimming goggles, sun protection lotions/creams and moisturisers.

    Dance your way to flexibility Shake those hips loose of any tension. Swing those arms and tap your feet. Jive to your favourite music and build flexibility in your movements for many years to come./ A wide and diverse selection of music to suit any dance move. For great sound effect, choose from the array of sound systems, wireless / wired headsets / headphones. For the intellectually-inclined, books on the origin of dance and how to dance ourselves to good health.

    Holistic Fitness

    Calming Effect Fitness is not just about core strength and cardio health. A calm mind and positive outlook on life is equally important. /Aromatic essential oils extracted from nature’s gifts of fruit, roots, seeds and flowers soothe away the stress of daily routine. Release their healing effect by massage, through a diffuser or by burning candles infused with these oils.

    DetoxAncient ‘detox’ methods in various yoga postures and TaiChi movements drive out the ‘bad energy’ locked up in our bunched-up muscles. The ancient practitioners also advocated a ‘clean gut’ as the passageway for healthy metabolism for general physiological fitness. /Energy drinks and health supplements help replenish the minerals and other nutrients that inevitably get flushed out with the toxins.

    Mental FitnessAdopt a lifestyle that embraces physical as well as mental fitness, staying alert and clear headed for the rest of your life. /Learn breathing exercises that will clear your mind of stress-ridden baggage and prepare you for a rejuvenation of the mind. For those who are expressive, engage in mind games like crosswords, 3-dimesional jigsaw puzzles, word and number games, also useful as rehab aids.

    Spirit, Mind & BodyFact : hobbies help in dispensing excess energy, generating and realising creative potential and socialising - key components of holistic living. / Self-help guides, DVDs that provide step-by-step instructions, materials like yarn, fabric, wood, threads, buttons, beads, weaving looms, instruments like shears, cutting instruments, sewing machines, kits that comprise all the material essential to building your own creative product, e-books of creative ideas and instructions.